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A New Take on Onboarding in a Remote World

It appears that remote is our new normal – at least some aspects of it. As employers continue to hire there are new considerations when recruiting, hiring and onboarding in a virtual world.

As a resource for employers, LINC has actually seen an increase in recruiting and hiring from many of our regional employers. Hiring is happening, but the hires may not be moving to the area just yet – and if they do make the move while still working remote, the isolation of a new area is even more intense during the pandemic. As an organization we get very creative in creating connection and engagement opportunities for new hires.

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Remote Work - Counting the Costs

We are still here and the new norm is to work remotely from home. As companies make shifts in how they are conducting business and who is onsite and who is remote, it seems work and life are in a state of flux. But what is the long term impact? 

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Recruiting in the Virtual Age

Working from home…virtual meetings…recruiting in a virtual world. The year 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But we believe it will also go down as the beginning of an opportunity – changing how business is done – starting with recruiting.

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Companies Flexing In Response To The Corona-Virus and Possibly The Future

This article did not start out about the Corona-virus, but as we wrote this it became abundantly clear that flexible hours and remotely working is the reality of today’s world. As we are all experiencing, for businesses today there is a new norm. In order to be productive companies and organizations realized the need or urgency to work with the change. Because as the saying goes, “What you resist – persists.”

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